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i have got a epson r200

today i got my ciss system. i fitted it in, i notice it was printing out properly, so i did a nozzle check. and it still wasn;t ok. i so kept on doing head cleans until it was ok

i must of done at least 10 head cleans maybe even more

now ink is pouring out of the printer. it has totally messed up my carpet. during this flooding process the printers power connection also got flooded

does anyone know why this happended ?


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At a guess, I'd say the carts didn't seat properly and ink leaked out above the print heads.
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Idle wrote:
At a guess, I'd say the carts didn't seat properly and ink leaked out above the print heads.
Actually it sounds a hell of a lot more like one of two options:

1. You have a freeflow with the position of the ink reservoirs creating a neutral or positive pressure that once you started a cleaning cycle resulted in all the ink flowing into the cartridges and then flooding the waste ink pads before flooding out of your printer.


2. You got a (refurbished? / second hand?) printer that has had the waste ink counter reset (either by yourself or the seller) and these pads have now overflowed creating the mess.

Chances are the reason you were noticing poor results was because the cleaning station was already flooded with ink thus smearing the bottom of the printhead and your continuing to run cleaning cycles creates more waste and on to the flood.

The good news is that Epson R200 compatible ink should be dye base ink so you may well be able to wash it out of the carpet but you'll have to hurry.
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