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I have an EPSON R200 printer and am extremely happy with it - I use refills and very satisfied - Thanks to this forum I have modded the printer to dump its ink inside a small container outside a pritner by extending the tube out, works great! I wanted to buy a 2nd printer as a backup in case mine dies, as its getting old, unfortunately, it is my opinion that EPSON has the habit of discontinuing products every 3 months, FORCING people to buy new products. Now EPSON's latest, alleged, scam, the EPSON R260 which is not compatible with T048 carts anymore, uses much smaller carts (you have to pay more for bigger), consumes more ink - With the R200 I could print well over 450 CDs, with the R260, lucky if you can print 50-75. I think this is borderline CRIMINAL in my opinion and I guess epson did not learn anything from customer complaints and the lawsuit regarding ink consumption. Anyhow, my question is this, is there a way to mod the EPSON R260 to pull the tube outside as with the R200/220/300 ?

If so, how ?


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There will surely be a way, but you'll need either access to the service manual or inspection inside the device itself to work out where the end of the tube is and how to get it out the back of the machine.

Not all are as simple as the R200/300 series.

Sometimes it's necessary to strip the machine down to get to the required area and drill a hole in the back panel before re-assembly — not a task for the ham-fisted...
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