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My 1800 typically will not turn on when the switch is pressed. If I jiggle it a little, the light will usually come on and the thing springs to life!

Several questions...

Has anybody else had this problem?

What would happen if I left the switch on and powered off the printer at the power strip instead?

Every time I turn it off, I am afraid it won't come back on.

Any advise is appreciated.
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That's most likely a bad/dirty contact or a dry solder joint — more violent movement makes it connect again momentarily, which is enough to initiate the start-up sequence.

If the 1800's control is the same as most other modern printers, the on/off button works like your computer's start button (operates a remote toggle), so turning it off at the wall (not recommended, BTW — if it's doing something when the power fails you could get errors or even damage) will stop it but it won't restart when you turn power back on — it will wait for you to press the button.

You could try working a little CO2 contact cleaner under the button, but most likely you'll have to explore further for the fault (or have it serviced:sad: )
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