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Default Should I switch to Canon?

I'm a long time Epson user considering switching to Canon's
i9100 or S9000 for my semi-archival printing. I've read alot of
positive things about Canon Photo printers, but I suspect
the Canon inks are inferior compared to the Epson 1270/1280
inkset as far as decent print longevity on good papers.

After thoroughly testing my own 1280 prints on Matte Enhanced
for a couple of years now, I noticed very little fading so far.
My 1270/1280 prints also remain moisture resistant. The new
Canon printers offer much faster printing speeds and equally
good image quality it seems, which is why I'm considering
making the switch to Canon.

I'd appreciate any knowlegeable answers to these questions:

-Are Canon S9000 or i9100 prints as impervious to moisture
as Epson 1270/1280 photos are and/or do they run or wash away
like most other inkjet printers inks do when accidently
wetted? (ie: turning into 'watercolours')

-Has anyone tested Canon S9000/i9100 prints for lightfastness
in a sunny window for a few months? Your results?

-Has anyone really noticed a money saving using individual
OEM ink cartridges over all-in-one OEM color cartridges?
(and is it worth the hassle of ordering all those seperate
ink cartridges??)
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I have had a Canon S800 for almost 2 years and have had nothing but wonderful things to say about it.

I have had a print taped (not framed underglass and hung, I mean printed it out and used a piece of WScoth tape to hang it) to my wall in my office for all of this time and it is just now showing the first signs of being lighter in color. Keep this in mind: I am in Oklahoma where right now (at 7:40 PM) it is still 90+ degrees out, and my office (not building, but my little space) faces the south with 2 large sets of almost floor to ceiling windows and one matching on the west wall; so I get all day sun and the heat to go with it.

As far as the ink washing off of the paper, I have not had any problem. A friend at work printed a pic on the HP premium paper for his new HP 7150. Three days later, he was showing the print to his next door neighbor while it was snowing outside. Some stray flakes got onto the print and when he went to wipe the melted flakes off, the ink came up; this even happenes if you lick you thumb and try to rub the ink off. So for grins, I printed out a picture using the Canon Photo Paper Pro, then immediately let a drop of water fall off my finger onto this print that had been out of the printer less than a minute. I let the water sit for 30 seconds and the ink did not come up; all is could see is a slight ring where the water drop was. The next day, I had to search for where the drop had been.

I have not tried any third party inks because my inktanks last so long that the expense is not that great (except when ou have 4 run out at once). Since I have gotten my S800, I have printed 16 sheets of 8.5x11, 120 sheets of 4x6 (mostly for my wifes scrapbooks), 30 5"-square images on t-shirt tranfers for my wifes quilts, and other general printing. All of this, I replaced all 6 tanks just twice after the inital set the came with the printer. If you do buy Canon, or even an epson that has individual tanks, I suggest that you buy a full set of tanks at the same time so that if one runs out, you have an immediate replacement, then you have seme time to buy another backstock.

I have my i9100 on order and it will ship on the 8th.
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Thanks alot for the information. My main concern was whether
Canon prints are moisture resistant. Your print hanging on a wall for 2
years in a sunny room un-framed and showing only slight fading
was just what I needed to know. Guess I'll be getting a Canon
printer next!

Carol B.
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