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Default HP 7350 ink refilling...

I just want to post for anyone who owns the HP line of printers and are thinking about trying to refill the ink cartridge.Today was my 1st ever attempt at doing this and it went perfectly.The colors look great and the pictures come out just as sharp as they do with a factory cartridge.My advice if you are tired of being ripped off with these outrages prices on ink cartridges is to give it a try.I'm a numbnut and if I can get it anyone can.

The brand InkTec is what I ordered online and it worked just great.I've been printing all day just about with perfect results and at about 1/8th of the cost which makes it even more fun.Anyway good luck and I hope this reassures people wanting to try refilling there HP.

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Default same results with i850

Just wanted to add my 2 cents about refilling. I have been refilling my Canon i850 for almost a year now. I have gone back one time to the original cartridges/ink, but could not tell a difference. I print mostly 8x10s and did not see any difference. I did get one clog after letting printer sit a few weeks with out printing, but this might occur with any ink. A few deep cleanings and all is well. My ink was bought off a guy on Ebay who specializes in ink. I have no financial connection to him, but he does sell good Canon ink and his kit is easy to use.

I was glad to hear about refilling the HPs because I am considering buying a 9650 to do some large pics. I am sure they can eat some ink.

Oh, and for those who think they are buying oem ink online, a pc magazine just did a report that showed a lot of people were selling counterfeit ink cartridges that are nearly impossible to detect, especially for most of us who don't really know what a canon or hp is supposed to look like in great detail. But then, you probably arlready knew that, but it was news to me.

Tim G
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