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Hi, All

I have a Canon IP6600d. I have been refilling my original OEM carts with Hobbicolor inks but lately printing has not been good. I think the sponges may be wearing out. I went look for empty carts (I know they won't have chips..no problem) but can't find ANYBODY selling them. I see only one vendor on ebay selling prefilled compatibles but don't know if these are easy to refill either. What happened?? There was a few people including weink selling them several months ago...now I don't see them at all.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Not a good answer, but, obviously you could buy a new set of Canon cartridges and refill them until "worn out". How many refills did you get before problems?
Also, I haven't tried it, but you might be able to extract the sponges if you think that is the problem.
I have ip6700d so will be looking for same solution.
regards - tom
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There is several types of cartridge available on the net: sponge-based or spon ge-free types (the last ones don't deteriorate as the sponge-based ones do). However the sponge-base ones run smoother and with less problems than the sponge-free cartridges. Just have a try. Both cartridges are very easy to refill.
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Look on the nifty-stuff forums for posts on flushing canon cartridges (Grandad posted them I think) and you should be able to see how to revive your old cartridges as well as find out why they're starting to fail.
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Can anyone post a link to someone selling empty cli-8 cartidges that they used to refill successfully, even with transferring the chip from an original canon cli-8?

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