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Default Eps 1200: Longer than 13x44?


My old Epson Photo1200 is working again, and as an aside, I highly recommend Westchester Office World for printer repair if you live in the NY-NJ area. Very reasonable and competent shop!

Anyway, the max printable area is supposed to be 13x44," according to the Epson manual. However, I have a roll of Epson photo paper that is 10 meters long by 329mm wide (13".)

On this roll of paper is printed "For Epson Stylus Photo 1200," as well as "Print up to 13.0" x 32.8' long." If I set up a custom size page, with a couple of inches on ezch end, will I get the printer to print that size, or will I end up wasting $$$ in ink and paper? I want to do a pano that is 12" x 58".
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I traded in my 1200 for a 1270 a few years ago. I have printed long panorams on my 1270. I don't know for sure if the procedure is the same. The print driver will not allow you to define a page more than 44 inches long. Instead, you need a program that allows you to tile an image across multiple pages. Even with such a program it can be tricky. You must print tilings with absolutely no margins or overlap. You need to divide the image into an equal number of pages less than 44 inches then add a tiny bit to allow for margins at the ends of the panorama, say 29.5 inches for 2 pages for a 58 inch picture. This is the number you use when you define a custom page size in the print dirver. The program will figure out the tiling from that. When you select roll paper, the print driver gives you the option of banner mode; this prints multiple pages without advancing the paper between them.

I have had success with Qimage Pro, but I could not get it to center the image between the top and bottom edges of the paper without adding a white area to the top of the picture to force the image down. This is can be done in Photoshop by defining a larger "canvas". I suggest experimenting with smaller images and defining very short pages to force tiling. The Panorama Factory and Corel Draw, along with some other programs also have tiling capabilities. The only problem I know of with the Panorama Factory is with very large images (for example 25805 x 1908) the image gets garbled (the author expects to fix this in a future release). I don't have the latest version of Corel Draw, but earlier ones sometimes added extraneous lines, messing up expensive prints. I'd be happy to know of any relatively inexpensive print programs that can easily tile very large images.
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Thank you , Ken, for the information. I'm going to buy a roll of cheap fax paper, and experiment with the tiling process. I print from Qimage and have noticed the unequal margins, no mater what I do.

The odd thing is that my Epson driver lets me picka custom size longer than 44". However, I will try first with the cheap paper and a file consisting of only a few marks now and then, to save ink.
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