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I am hoping someone here can shed some light on this as I dont have any idea at all as to what could be causing this.

The printer locked up with the ink pad error, so I removed the pad and installed the catch bottle. I reset the counters and everything acted like it was working. I ran a couple of nozzle checks and while there were a couple segments missing it wasnt too bad. I went ahead and tried to print on a CD and the image looked like it was smeared. I cleaned the paper path and tried a regular image on plain paper and the same thing happened. I even tried typing the word "hello" in "Paint" and once again the same thing.

I have a CIS system and up until this the printer had been running fine for quite awhile. I would just run a couple of nozzle cleanings if it happened to sit for a bit.

What I dont understand is how the nozzle check prints correctly, even the letters are right but when I try and print anything else it has the smeared effect to it.

I have included a couple of links to a picture I took of the nozzle print and one of the word "hello" I typed.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I thank you all in advance for your help.


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Just installing the waste bottle cannot affect printing (the pad you removed was only the little foam block on top of the waste delivery tube, right?)

Looks like something's getting its legs crossed printing graphics.

The nozzle check prints an image from the printer's firmware, I think — must admit it's never occurred to me that it comes from anywhere else... — (that nozzle check isn't 100%, BTW — look at the lower part of the light magenta box.)

When a printer puts out garbage like that from your Paint file, it's usually because something's telling it to.

Try printing a text file and see what you get there — if that's garbled as well, have a very good look at your printer cable and its contacts, also check that the printer drivers and/or the print spooler haven't got corrupted.

Also make sure the right printer is selected as default.

I have a laser and an inkjet connected — if I inadvertently send a file set up for the laser to the inkjet (or vice versa) I get garbage like that in your image.

There's also a possibility that the printer is losing track of the print head position due to a dirty sensor or reflector, but the nozzle check doesn't suggest that.

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