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Oops! — Didn't realise what I was weighing into here...

Sure, you can use medical grade tubing and plastic fittings and supply bottles in a CIS (good luck finding medical grade compatible cartridges, though.)

You can also buy a Rolls Royce and run it as a street taxi — it might even outlast a Ford, if you were lucky, but you'd still wind up losing in the end.

Medical grade stuff is made like it is because lives depend upon it, (and priced like it is because the vendors can get away with it) but for a simple device like a CIS it's overkill.

A printer made from the same spec components from the same suppliers would probably end up costing the equivalent of a Rolls as against a Ford — and still suffer from the same problems the $200 (and $2000) ones do.

And yes, I have made CIS systems in the fairly distant (pre chipped cartridges) past and they did (more-or-less) work — wouldn't even consider doing it again...

For experimental and one-off CIS development the best places to look for fittings and tubing in less-than-wholesale quantities are the RC car and model aircraft hobby shops — their fuel lines and fittings are generally about the equal of medical grade but usually don't cost as much.

And, Xeroid, does running 5000 double-sided flyers in-house actually save you anything over contracting them out?

I'd have thought running 6 inkjets forty hours a week would be very labour-intensive, and even with CIS units fitted your supplies bill would be pretty hefty as well.

Personally, I'd be shopping for a reliable and quick printing service instead (or, if the volume justified it, going for in-house offset — one machine would do it all, be cheaper to run and probably outlast 50 consumer-grade inkjets.)

In another life I actually did that (installed an offset printer for producing flyers, catalogues and in-house stationery) and it worked out quite well.

There was a learning curve that left me short the odd hair or so, tho'...
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Default Ciss

Originally Posted by xeroid View Post
Sam was claiming years of experience and testing with different components from different suppliers and now has developed a reliable system. The truth is .... he is selling a cheaper made in China CIS. Not a system that he has developed from experience. I would much rather pay 2 or 3 timesthe amount to get a more robust reliable system made with quality components. I want my system to last years not months. That is why I started this thread .... for all you builders of CIS systems, not importers, ...what componentsare you finding to be the most reliable as in the tubing, bottles, fittings etc?
Sam sounds to be legitmate and has offered some very good info. My question is this: Where in the world do you find anything NOT made in China? I have a CISS for over 1 year and it works flawlessly, yes it's made in China. It has a reset button for when the cartridges show empty it resets the chips. I couldn't be happier as I have saved hundred's of dollars. I paid approxmately $80USD shipped. It shipped from Florida to NY. If the unit does go bad for whatever reason, I would just order another. I would consider it FREE as I do not have to buy OEM cartridges that cost $20 each [my Epson uses 4]. Expecting things to last for years is not realistic as most things are disposable. Cost of printers are cheap, so if you get 2-3 years you're doing great. I'm not posting the seller as I do not know if it violated the forum's rules.
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