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Default Serious Epson warning

I'm sure many people are pleased with their Epson inkjet - I think luck plays a rather large part in the purchase of mass-produced goods.

However, in terms of personal experiences, I cannot recommend against the Epson 830 (820 in USA, I think) enough.

It has never been able to do anything right - it pulls the whole paper stack through; it leaks black ink; it smears ink along the side of the paper; it cannot be aligned; it swallows ink at a ridiculous rate and requires both cartridges to be replaced, even if one is near full; often, it simply freezes and won't do anything...

As childish as it seems, my foot has gone through it and it will be appearing in a skip tomorrow. Very literally. A huge waste of 100.

Elsewhere on the web, others have had the same problems with Epson inkjets. I'm baffled that they have kept their reputation.

The printer was a gift - no receipt - and Epson make it hugely difficult to seek help. I would have to transport my printer half-way across the country for them to fix it.

Pray you are lucky if you buy the 830.
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lets see i have gone through 3 epson printers. the 750, the 1270, and now the 2200. i have never had issues with any of these. now realize that they produce thousands of printers each year and yours may have been one of those statistic bummers.

now you received it as a gift. that means the person who got it for you has a receipt. this should aleviate one basic problem. epson has in the past been really good about backing their products so i find it a little weird in whats going on here. i think you should get all your issues in a row and then reestabilsh contact with them as long as its still under warranty and let them deal with it. it happens they will fix it.

your other option is go out and purchase a competing companies product and put it all behind you.
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1) your seperator needs repair. Probably there is a scrap of paper in there. If under warranty, no problem.
2) You don't have to replace both cartridges, just the one that needs to be. Also, use PrintRite brand ink to save money.
3) Freezing is probably due to the driver/computer.

I've had my Epson for about five years. I print the snot out of it. A few drops of oil is the only maintenance it has ever needed.

My wife has two C60's and two 820's at work and they have had no problems other than the usual clogs due to lack of use.

I have a friend with a Color II which is about ten years old. It has outlasted his four childrens abuse and is still printing as good as new.

Good luck if you think HP or anyone else has better build quality. I used to fix HP and Canon. I use Epson. Need I say more.
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Default Re: Serious Epson warning

Originally Posted by bendrissa
I'm sure many people are pleased with their Epson inkjet - I think luck plays a rather large part in the purchase of mass-produced goods.

However, in terms of personal experiences, I cannot recommend against the Epson 830 (820 in USA, I think) enough.

I wrote a reply to your problem basically
saying that you were mistaken about the "alarmist"
nature of your post regarding Epson printers in general.

After re-reading your post, you may have valid points.
Epson quality is not what it used to be after rethinking
my own experience over the last 4 years.

I don't know about your series of Epson printer, so
I can't comment on it. I can only offer my own Epson printer
experience and say for the most part that it's been quite
"profitable". I've used the 1270 and 1280 Epson printers
to print literally thousands of larger prints while using
over *350* Epson colour cartridges. I'm a retail-end
business user and print far more than any home user would.

I think you got a 'DUD ECONOMY' grade printer that so
many companies are schlepping off these days to sucker
in the users to repeatedly buy the consumables (inks & paper).

It's like buying a shitty economy grade digital camera.

It's 'interesting' at first, but sucks and leaves you pissed
off in the end. Epson should know better and stay with
higher quality machines to offer.

The inkjet printer is a "lost leader" for major printing
companies. They make their profits from consumers buying
their inks and papers afterwards. With inkjet printers,
what you pay for, is what you get for the most part.

The major difference is that higher-end inkjet printers
are made better. That statement is argueable even between
the supposed twin printers 1270/1280 which are very different
in build quality as I discovered.

The 1270 printer was made with heavier plastic and a much
better fit and finish. Even the logo badge on the 1270 was
better! My newer 1280 has weaker plastic, the lid/cover falls
off when opening it, and it's noisier. The 1280 printer driver
eats more inks and now has 'nag screens' when ink levels
get to 20% leftover! My older 1270 gets more "miles per gallon"
per color cartridge printing over the 1280 - proven time and again
here even they both use the same identical inks.

I can't complain about the quality of my Epson prints
sold to my gallery customers, though. They are very lightfast
and even water resistant after my own tests.

I once had to get my 1270 printer
repaired, and the printer repair shop in Toronto even
remarked about it's build quality (they don't repair
many 1270's it was obvious).

You may be honestly pissed off with your "Gift" Epson,
but don't write off their higher end cousins while
doing so. You would be surprised at what these things
can do.

I offer an extra foot pounding on your lousy printer tho!
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Hey july 26 You should consider hopping over to www.inkjetart.com I had a large number of customers who bought thier own CIS systems for the same printer you use and they love being able to print for as little as a dime a sheet also the company provides Color profiles with thier ink.
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