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I have a Canon Pixma MP780 and even though I printed and copy mainly in grayscale draft (office documents for our files) in order to save ink, we go though so many color cartridges that you would think we are printing in color !

Is it normal when printing in black only for the printer / copier to use ink from the color cartridges as well :?
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Greyscale to a colour printer is often a mix of colours — try printing in black.

That should ensure that only black ink is used — of course, you'll probably use more of it.

Having said that, when the printer does a head clean it will pull ink from all cartridges so eventually the colour ones will run empty anyway.

For ink/toner economy, if you only print in mono mode and never do colour graphics or photo's, I'd be looking at a laser printer that has a draft mode.

I have a fairly old Kyocera that can extract some 7000+ draft copies from a toner kit that costs around $AU85 — that's in the $US60 range.

I just recently picked up two unopened OEM kits for it off Ebay for about $22 each.

Not even the most economical inkjet CIS systems can match that.

There's also an ink saver program that's been around for years — I don't know which printers is supports, tho'.

A Google search should find it.
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Are you printing in "Draft" mode? If so, then Canon's have been known to use the BCI-6 colored dye-based inks (instead of the BCI-3eBK black pigment-based inks) in order to make the color black, grey, etc. People that use draft mode are either trying to economize on inks by printing at lesser print quality or they want a faster output from the printer. To go faster (or to print in duplex) and not cause smearing, dye-based inks are used because they dry faster than pigment-based inks.

If you are using draft mode, try printing in regular mode. If you are printing primarily text then this should help.

Using a greyscale mode (if available) may also be part of the problem, so try without it as well. If what you are printing contains lots of colored graphics then greyscale may actually save ink! Kind of a Catch-22 situation.

It all depends on what you are printing. Idle's suggestion of using a laser printer is an excellent idea since the cost of printing with a decent inexpensive laser printer (depending on your usage needs) will be much cheaper than an inkjet, particularly if you purchase OEM ink cartridges.

If you do purchase a laser printer, make sure you can get toner easily, especially as a business. At home, I have a great Panasonic KX-P7305 that does duplex automatically and gives fantastic output. But supplies are not available locally and if I needed something in a pich I would be up a creek. For a business, I would prefer something from HP do to the availability (and pricing)of supplies and reputation ofdurability, at least of some of their laser printers.
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