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I actually carried out a deep dive on these new chipped cartridges and can give you some more info. There are four terminals on each chip: PWR(3.3v), GND, CLK (1Mhz), Data. I used a high end scope to capture the entire communication bit- stream on the data line but could not verify the direction of communication. Long streams of data come across the bus on power-up and shutdown. A small burst takes place before each print. It appears as if the printer sends a ‘request data' type packet on power-up and sequences the five chips. I.e. it sends a command to the ‘Cyan' chip to provide it's status, the chip replies and acks the request, then a command goes out to the ‘Magenta' chip, etc. In this manner if one of the five chips is missing the printer can inform you as to which one didn't reply. Vice versa if you have duplicate cartridges installed then both will attempt to ack the request data command and confuse the printer and you will get an error requesting attention to the ink tanks. I presume that the short burst of data before a print is some sort of nozzle firing count being written to the chips but again I could not verify this. In analyzing the data stream I quickly came to the conclusion that some sort of encryption was in the works as the ‘request data' packets were constant and the pattern of communication was constant ie specific timing breaks between data on bus - but the reply from the chip was lengthy and had no obvious pattern. I assume that the reply from the chips is encrypted and no simple encryption as I needed a scope with a significant buffer (8mb) to record the entire stream.
After reading that in another thread about chipping, I had some fun with my IP3300. For me, OEM carts are $20, whereas I can get G&G refills for $3 ea... so a full set and I can buy a new 3300 from thse savings!

Anyway, I gummed the lid sensor and left the lid open. I then watched the cart during the initialization process-- It does some cleaning, then it moves to the left of the printer and lights each LED in turn under a sensor to check... This would probably be the stage where the printer is doing the 'power up' sequence mentioned above.

yet another theory to stop the cart chips from reaching 'low' and eventually empty, would be to mod the chip board and add a transistor or something that switches OFF the data stream after the init procedure... so the printer's 'nozzle fire count' doesn't reach the chip and is never written... Just passed to another component (small RAM chip?) which discards it as soon as it is powered off?


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While Googleing for a chip resetter for my Canon MP830 I ran across R53 JET TEC INKJET CARTRIDGE CHIP RESETTER which claims to be compatible with my cartridges. The rub is it does not appear to be available in the US, only the UK. My questions are; has anyone used one successfully? Is there a US source?
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I have just purchased a Canon PIXMA MP830 that uses the type 5 and type 8 CLI/PGI cartridges. I liked the comment about trying 3 cartridges in rotation and see if the printer "forgets" the first cartridge, however I don't think that will work. I saw a post on one ink refill page that indicates the chip tracks usage in either character or pages or other format. Once this counter is at zero, the chip remains at zero, whether the cartridge is actually empty or not.

Still, for me, I can find the cartridges cheap enough in multipacks and it is much cheaper than replacing a tri-ink cartridge when only one of the 3 inks is empty.

As far as people saying that the printer stopped working after refill, remember one other thing: The printhead can and does go bad, more often than you think. I've had printers that worked for years with never a problem, and I've had printers that had a failed print head after only 3 or for cartridges. Don't blame the ink for the printhead. If a new OEM cartridge still doesn't fix the issue, it is probably the printhead.
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