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Default Epson 1280/PS 7.0: Color space questions:

Hello all! Sadly, my first post here is a question. Or rather a series of questions.

After a total of 15 hours over 3 nights, I've finally found that my printer is not as defective as I originally thought.

I'm working on an album cover for a client, and am trying to give her a proof on premium high-gloss paper. The images have been coming out dark, muddy, and off color. This is the first photo I've ever printed, as I usually use the printer for my 3d renderings and reference.

After 45 test prints, 7 monitor calibrations, and probably every color space and driver combo possible, I finally printed from Windows explorer, with the "automatic" settings in the driver, and the sucker came out perfect.

What i'd love to know, is why this is happening.

Paper used: Epson premium high-gloss photo paper
Ink used: Epson Brand ink
Software: Photoshop 7.0
Monitor calibration: Adobe Gamma
OS: Windows 2000
Driver set to "No calibration" from defaults.

I've downloaded the extra profiles for the Epson brand paper(the ones that show the paper's true white effect on the image), and they soft-proof well. Of course they have no effect whatsoever on the print. No matter how I use them.

I'm having a problem understanding how this all works, as there is an extreme lack of documentation on this. I can count no less than 5 places to insert a color profile, and many of them exist within the same program(i.e. PS). So what combination of settings do I use to simply get the look I was from a raw print from windows explorer?

I'm sorry of the length of this message, and appologize for the rather newbie question. I'm simply baffeled. I use rediculously complex programs on a daily basis(3Dartist) and I can't figure out a simple thing like what combo of color preferences to use to get a quality print. I am quite humbled.

Thanks for the lengthy read, and I look forward to any advice you can offer.


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Was the color deformation also occuring with color management off?
(Edit-> Color...)
Personally I think the best color control is a single only in the driver color control. Was the file CYMK or RGB?

I have no problem with color prints on my Epson 1290 and PS 7.0. However your problem resembles my problem with CorelDraw (7 and 10); even with color management off it manage to drive me nuts with misleading colors.
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