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hi everyone!

hope you can help me here.

my epson r300 no longer prints magenta, the cart is full, the alignment print shows all the other colours correctly but not magenta. if i print a color photo as you'd expect its crap. i've tried the 'clean print head' and that does not fix the problem. any idea? the printer is about 18months old.

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It could be any of several things.

A faulty cartridge chip or cartridge — try another cartridge.

A bad contact on the cartridge — VERY carefully clean the chip and chip-to-carriage contacts (if you bend one of the spring contacts you'll probably write the printer off!)

A bad connection elsewhere in the circuit.

A bad ink clog (this won't usually result in no ink at all, although it can — these are more often the result of air getting into the cartridge outlet than of actual ink clogs.)

If using a CIS, it's possible for the cartridge to be empty even though the monitor says it's full — if you have an air leak in a line or at the cartridge outlet then the tiny vacuum will be lost and no ink will come through to replace that which is used.

If you think this is likely then re-prime the cartridge by pulling ink through with a needle-less hypodermic syringe until no more bubbles appear — the ink can go back into the relevant tank.

You should also locate and seal the leak, otherwise the problem will recur.

It's also possible for the air inlet to the tank to be blocked — once again no ink will flow. Under this circumstance the cartridge can actually be full — if no air gets in to replace the ink used then it won't move through the head.

A failed head — this is a bin-it job, the cost of repair is more than the printer's worth.

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