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Hi all,

I have an Epson R200 and i'm at my wits end with it! I spent my holiday weekend with it in bits trying to figure out what is wrong with it. I think I have eliminated the problem to one tiny sensor but let me fill you in with the setup and how it came about:

I've been using a CIS system for sometime along with a bottle on the back for the waste ink tube. I also use the SSC Utility to reset the Waste Ink Counter and freeze the ink values (as with CIS they never run out!)

I cleaned all the ink pads and the pools and splashes of ink it enjoys firing in and around the printhead station. This is one dirty printer!

Basically, it no longer prints, it feeds paper.. gets it into the print position... the print head does one final check to make sure the paper is there.. and bam! "Paper Jam" error! Same goes for the CD/DVD tray.. it pulls it in.. draws it out and a second after the printhead comes along to the middle of the tray to check id the tray is there.. "CD/DVD tray not set correctly" error.

I've tried cleaning the white marks on the CD try to make sure the paper sensor can "see" the tray is there, I even tried bits of extra white sticky labels! Tippex didnt work either. I managed to get to see the little two ledson the underside of the print head that supposedly detect the paper/CD tray and cleaned them with a damp cotton bud, but no dirt/ink had collected there.

I wasn't brave enough to remove the entire print carriage due to the timing belt and springs etc that i'd have trouble reassembling to see if there could be a fault within the connections for this sensor.

I believe this has happened to a few Espon users so I thought I would bring it to this forum just to see if anyone has resolved this False Paper Jam error any other way.

If anyone does know of a solution or any ideas if the fault could lie elsewhere (on the main board /EEPROMperhaps?) Then I would be grateful for any input.

Thanks for reading folks.


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That one is usually something caught in the paper path — a corner off a paper sheet, a paper clip, anything that will cause the overload detector to trigger.

It doesn't take much to trigger it, either — the amount of extra current drain required seems to be set quite low.

It looks as though you've made a pretty thorough job of cleaning it, so it's quite possible the overload sensor is kaput — might also be a bearing running dry, a damaged gear or even possibly the timing is out.

Also check that the bar at the front is rising and falling correctly when you change from paper to CD mode.

You were right not to dis-assemble the rest of the works — these units are assembled on the base rather than assembled and then screwed down, and you need special factory jigs to get them set up and printing straight again.
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