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Default Have i550, is i850 much better?

Good day,

I have a Canon i550 printer, and I am pretty happy with the output. I have some $$'s that are buring a small hole in my pocket. Is the i850 much better then the i550 or should I save a little more and jump up the i950.

Most of my prints are either 4x6 or 5x7, but a few are pushed to the 10x8 size. I either print on Kodak Premium paper, or Canon Photo Paper Pro.

My camera is a Canon A200, but soon to be a Canon S50.

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The i850 is a great printer; especially since is prints photos as well as text fast. The i950 is more geared towards photos, thus text quality is somewhat slower and not a good. Either printer would give you exceptional prints (especially the 10x8) from your new S50.

Some people prefer the i850 over the i950 because the 4 colors of the i850 gives the impression of film grain; some like the 6-color i950 because of the smoother color gradiations.

It is really becomes a choice of what looks better to you, what you can afford (upfront for the printer and long term for ink; do you want to spend $50 USD for a full set of ink for the i850 or $72 USD for the i950 (keep in mind that you will probably not ever replace all the tanks at the same time; I had to replace 4 within days of each other on my 6-color S800)).

I just got an i9100 to use with my G3 after having an S800 for almost 2 years, but a lot of people don't need (or want) the abilitly to print 13" prints. My wife does for scrapbooking.
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Default Thanks for the feedback

Hi there,

Well, if I were to hold of for two months, I will have enough for the Canon i950... :lol:

But, the real question was, it the i850 that much better then the i550?
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Hi, I bought an i550 after Canon UK told me the i850 wouldn't be available here, same day I got the reply from Canon and bought the i550 they issued a press release saying it would be released
I then ended up buying an i850 as well as I had wanted one ever since I read Steves review of it

Anyway, is it worth the price difference?, I would have to say no, there is about 65 (US$100) between the two here in the UK and looking at A4 photo prints made with both printers I can see very little difference (none at all in most cases) , I'm using Ilford Galerie Photo Glossy and Smooth Pearl papers, the quality is excellent with both printers with the i850 being slightly faster for A4 borderless photos by about 10 to 20 seconds.

I think the jump to an i950 may be worth it for the better skin tones etc. if you really need it but I haven't got one I can compare to.

I'm very happy with my i550 (now given to my kids) and my i850 and personally I couldn't justify the price of an i950 for my needs, I'd rather spend the money on paper & ink
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