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Default Epson vs. Cannon

Due to a low voltage power failure (thanks PG&E). My epson photo780 died. I am considering a Epson 890 or Cannon S900 as a replacement. Any input as to the relative virtues of these printers would be appreciated.

Many thanks for the input, I went with the Cannon 900, as i got a good buy, and didn't want to wait for the new Epson models

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Default anyone buying a photo printer today has to consider..

Consider the Epson 2200. The reviews on it have been excellent and it has some very unique abilities and characterstics. The only drawback is less-than-perfect results with the (not recommended) Epson High Gloss paper. If you can live without high gloss it's reputed to be top notch. It's not yet released.
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I used to use an Epson Photo 870 and now use a Canon MultiPass F30 which uses a Canon S630 inside. The F30 kicks some major butt over the Epson printer. A full 8x10 now prints in about 3 minutes on glossy photo paper and the printouts are awesome. I'm not a professional photographer nor artist, but I'm extremely happy with my choice.

I should add that I don't buy the Canon hype of individual ink cartridges saving you money. Although the Canon supplies are *much* cheaper than its competitors, all the color cartridges typically run out at the same time. This was true with my first Canon-based printer (from Apple) 10 years ago, and it's true with my current printer.

If I had to buy just a printer today, I'd buy the latest version of the Canon printer.
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As Epson is my favorite, the 890 is a great printer, can be had as a refurb at Epson sit just over $200, Carries full warenty. The cnsumer reviews are bad these days at c/net and else where. Take your 780 and go there and read only negitivve reviews, 80% of these are from people that did not read manuel. Easy to go from 1 Epson photo to the next as so many setting are close. Read too many reviews and you will be at the Office Supply buyng a typewritter.
good luck on your purchace,
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Consider the Epson 895. In addition to producing excellent prints, it has the built in card reader and when powered up becomes a removable drive on your PC so you dont need to download your images directly from the camera. There is also an optional TFT screen, so that you can see the images on the card. This is useful if you just want to quickly view and print your images without using your PC.
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I just got the Canon S900 and love it.

Print quality is excellent on a wide variety of papers. Print times are 4-8 times faster than with Epson. And the individually replaceable inks are economical and efficient -- after hundreds of prints, I've only had to replace the two "photo" ink cartridges (the rest are still 1/4 full).

But I'm sure the Epson produces great quality prints, too, so either way you'll probably be quite satisfied.

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I'd wait till end of sept. The new epson 960 is coming out. Basically its a smaller version of the 2200 printer. It has the ability to produce a wider color gamut than the canon not to mention lasts longer.
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