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I bought some inkjet shrink plastic sheets (shrinky dinks) and the seller sent me regular shrink plastic (not for printers) by mistake. Too bad I didn't find out till after I printed on one sheet yesterday and messed up my printer. ( I didn't realize I messed it up till I tried printing a label today)

Anyway, first I thought it was because the black ink was low. So I replaced with a new cartridge.

Then I did nozzle checks, head cleanings, tried an alignment check, tried printing pages, turned the printer on and off, disconnected it from my computer, checked to make sure ink cartridges were installed correctly, I even uninstalled the software and reinstalled... all with no success as I'm still printing blank pages and I've used up 1/3 of that new black ink cartridge.

The printer thinks it's printing just fine. It's making noises like it's printing, ink levels are dropping, there are no error messages. It's just spitting out totally blank pages.

Any suggestions or ideas with what's wrong with my printer? It was working fine till I tried to print on that sheet of (what I thought was) inkjet shrink plastic since I had printed some labels right before trying out the shrink plastic.

My printer is about 3-4 months old and I print several (3-15) pages every week.

Thanks in advance for any help!

EDIT: My older brother thinks the print heads (or something) might be clogged and need declogging, but I have no idea how to go about doing that... any ideas?
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Looks like there must have been some sort of coating on the plastic that blocked the jets — might even have reacted with the ink.

You really need to find what the coating is and what dissolves it — the supplier might know, there's no way I can.

If you can't find out, I'd first try plain water, followed by blue Windex (the one with ammonia in it), followed by alcohol (medical grade for preference, methylated at a pinch.)

Try them on a sheet of the plastic first and see what effect they have (also try them on the inked part of the sheet you printed.)

Use them thus: Cut some strips of lint-free cloth, wet them with the solvent you're trying, lay them in the printer bed where the heads will pass over them.

Move the carriage to where you can pick up the ends, pick them up and pull to and fro.

Do a head clean and nozzle check after every cleaning attempt.

If all else fails you might try pushing some solvent through the heads via the feed spike with a syringe, but be very careful — both the spike and the print heads are quite fragile, break either one and the printer's junk.

Don't do too many head cleans without a nozzle check between — this also can damage the heads.

Hope this helps.

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