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Can someonehelp me solve the problem of not getting any YELLOW when doing the Nozzle Check?

I have tried doing the Clean Head routine for umpteen times, but no joy! I am not using CIS, and yes the Ink carts are all good including the Yellow, I have replaced it twice.

I own a R200 and a R320 printers, both have the Mod done to them, I had the Service light come on on both. The R200 has been sitting for a while without Ink Carts because I had no idea there was a "mod" that could fix the problem. I ended up buying the R320 and only ran across this site searching for solution, after ittoo quit working.

Both printers are nowworking, except for the NO YELLOW problem on the 200! Any idea on how I can get that color toprint again?:?


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I would suggest that the head is blocked on the yellow.

Either take apart and clean, or do what I do and throw it away and buy another one.

Never keep my printer past about 12-18 months, they are so cheap to buy, it is not worth fixing them.

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I got the problem fixed by following "Idle's"advice elsewhere in this forum.

It was a clogged head. A bit of perserverance and a little bit of ammonia solved the problem.

Even though the printers are cheap, I just can't see tossing it out for what is a fairly simple fix for most of the Epson problems.

Thanks foryour response.


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my unit wouldn't print any of the colors except magenta and yellow even after several head cleans but i used the window cleaner or alcohol technique and voila, it's printing all colors again. also rerouted the waste pipe. i think to own an epson, you really need to be willing to do all these extra things whereas canons are low maintenance. but canon's probably aren't suited for high volume printing as the heat wears the heads down but epsons go on and on and on.
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