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Default New Printer - Need Help


Here we go again -

Am honest and truly getting tired of purchasing printers, getting decent results for a short period of time and then having to "junk" the printer.

I like Canon due to the fact that the print heads are replaceable and never seem to clog. My only problem with the Canons are they start giving terrible prints in a short amount of time.

I purchased an Epson 820 (which is now sitting on the floor completely unusable).

There are times when I print many pictures per day and times when the printer is not used at all - in fact, it sits idle for 6 months of the year as I am not here to use it.

From reading the forums I see that there is a problem with the new Canons in that the black is not good.

Before putting money into another printer (and I am willing to go higher to get something that will meet my needs) I need the expertise and experiences of all of you who have been so helpful in the past. And, yes, I have read all of Steve's reviews which only added to my confusion.

Oh, I also need my pictures to last for as long as possible - to that end I think there is some type of spray or something that can be put over the pictures so that they are more durable. If any of you know of such a product please let me know.

Thanks 8)
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