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I've been using this printer for a long time with fairly good results. I've printed several hundred DVDs and while printing a batch, after changing the disc, I got an "out ofink" error. Since I'm using CIS carts, this didn't make sense. The last disc printed,looked just fine. I tried several power off/on cycles, but after checking the head position, it would stop and gave me the error that it did not recognize ANY of thecarts. (6 big Xs) I rinsed the stop position pads in case the suction pump was having trouble. Then I put known good Epson carts in and gotthe very same results. So I'm confident that it isn't the carts. (I checked the waste counter and it is OK.)

I'm wondering if it is possible that a vacuum line has come loose or the pump motor failed. I have the service manual, but I really don't want to dissemble this thing.

Does anyone know of a newer model that uses the same carts? I would like to continue using the same CIS system.
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It will be a circuit fault, most likely.

There's nothing in the waste pump system that would affect cartridge recognition.

Look for a bad contact or a line disconnected somewhere — if you don't find anything it might be a component failure, which probably wouldn't be worth fixing.

Have you tried disconnecting power and data cables for a while in case it's just the firmware getting its wires crossed?

That it seems to have happened at the completion of a print makes me wonder.

There were a couple of subsequent models that used the same carts, but I think they're also superseded — check with Epson.

Otherwise, look at current models and see if CIS are available for them — if so you might be able to replace just the chipped carts and re-use the rest of the system.

BTW, rinsing the parking pads is not a good idea — the pump keeps them clean enough and they're meant to be wet at all times.
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