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I have the R300 that has a paper feed problem with epson photo glossy paper.

This printer will feed regular thinner printing paper thru with no problems.

I have tried different brands of photo paper, even card stock and the same thing happens the paper gets pulled in at a slight angle then gets the paper jam error.

I have tried to manually feed the paper and it will go in about 1/2 " and the ink carriage willdo its thing printing and end with an entire photo of ink in a 1 inch space across the paper.

None of the photo papers will feed thru.

I see that someone had mentioned that paper feed timing could be off.

I have cleaned what rollers I do see inside the printer. I even have a service manual and don't see any mention about fixing paper feed problems.

Is there a way to correct this?

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If it feeds thinner paper with no problems, then the feed timing is OK.

Obviously there's a catch point (insufficient clearance) somewhere, possibly the feed roller is slightly crooked or has a build-up of paper coating on one side.

The paper is propelled only on one edge by the pickup roller, so if anything obstructs the free edge the paper will feed crooked.

You'll often see the paper feed at an angle if the guide is set too loose.

Might also be that something is stopping the pressure rollers lifting high enough and the paper jams between them and the platen roller.

There is a limit to the paper thickness that will feed through, of course — my R310 won't (never would) feed card stock, whilst my much older Color 900 has no problem with it.

You might try a feeder sheet under the thicker paper (it's a glossy surfaced sheet that lets the paper slide easier — some photo papers have one included in the pack.)

Also try slight finger pressure on the end of the sheet.

Failing that, the range of movement of the pressure rollers needs to be investigated.

Also check that the rollers on the ejection side are in their correct position (they lift when you open the CD tray carrier, maybe they're not quite going back — watch where the paper stops feeding.)
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