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I'm trying to get an old Epson 1270 back in shape and have tried several things. I bought Spyder2Pro and am happy with my monitor calibration. I'm not totally happy with my prints, however.

I have the following questions about printer calibration:

1) I tried Printfix Plus, which came with the Spyder package. This was time consuming, clunky, and hard to evaluate since I was comparing to the monitor image rather than a print.

I wrote their support who told me to get the latest version of printfix plus. I did that but wonder whether to spend more time on it. Has anybody had a positive experience with Printfix Plus???


2) Taking the EZprints monitor calibration print (which to my eye looks exactly like the monitor image) I've tried choosing different profiles on my Epson printer and comparing to the print. These look good except need a littlle more green. I could continue this approach by tweaking the color in the advanced Epson options???


3) A pro photographer I know suggested downloading the latest icc profile from epson for my printer. What I found is for Colorlife Paper (I'm using Premium Photo Paper Glossy). I did download it. Should I install and try that as the default icc profile for the printer???


4) My Epson manual suggests turning off color management and letting the software manage it.

My software (Adobe PS CS2 .. getting CS3 soon) suggests letting the printer do it.

Which is right???

Summary: My prints look very good, but not 100% perfect (maybe 95%)
I'd like to spend as little time as possible and get perfect prints.

Any suggestions or experiences with questions 1:4 above would be **very** greatly appreciated.

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Hi, and welcome to the forums.

Can't help with 1. Haven't any experience with these. I caliibrate using the Mark One Eyeball.

2.: Not sure I follow - the calibration print is correct, but actual pictures are not? A possibility that occurs to me is that your pictures may be in a different colorspace than your printer. Viewing light can also make a difference. One common problem is calibrating the monitor in normal room light, then using a color correct light to view print beside the monitor, which will make the monitor look different.

3.: Epson has updated a lot of their paper profiles. You should be using the profile for the specific paper you are printing on. There may also be a printer driver update, which could help.

4.: Either way should be able to work, as long as you don't have both trying to manage colors. I get better results with having my printer (R1800) manage the colors, using Color Controls.

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