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I recently bought an Epson R300 off ebay. I know of (and have already done) the trick for the overflow/waste, but the lights are flashing and it wont power uo properly. The basic, advanced, maintenance (and card reader) lights flash, and nothing comes up on the display. I have tried using the SSC program, but it says the printer is either not on or there is some other problem. Has this ever happened to anyone or does someone know how to fix this? I have not gotten the printer to work as of yet and getting frustrated!! Any help would be much appreciated :-)
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can u not send it back cos its faulty??

was it sold as new or broken..........the service util only fixes ink probs.......maybe the paper mechanism is bust of something worse?

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it was sold as is. I don't know if it is a paper problem or what it is. all I know is that when I try and turn it on, the best I get is the lights flashing (including card reader light)

and as far as I know (hubby got it on ebay without me knowing) the only problem was that it didnt come with the cd tray. if it makes any difference, it was transported WITHOUT ink cartriges in it
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Coco77 wrote:
it was sold as is.
I wouldn't even buy a demo model from a local dealer without seeing it work (much less a printer being sold "as is" from an Ebay listing), just to avoid the hassle of returning it for a refund if I couldn't get nozzles unclogged.

I can remember trying to get an Epson multi-function printer to work in a store a while back. The dealer had already marked it down to less than half what they were selling them for originally for a display model. Well, I wanted to see it print, and it wouldn't. The dealer tried new cartridges and tried running cleaning cycles and we still couldn't get it to print.

The dealer then offered to mark it down even more (practically nothing compared to the original price), and said I could return it for a full refund if i couldn't get it to print. He said he'd throw in the new set of ink cartridges for it, too (which were worth about what he wanted for the now *heavily* discounted printer. I *still* politely declined and bought a different printer (new, versus display model).

There is *zero* chance that I'd buy an R300 "as is" from Ebay without the ability to return it (or needing to incur shipping costs if returns were allowed). ;-)

I'd chalk it up to bad luck and buy a new printer if I were you. But, perhaps someone viiewing this thread will have a few tips if you want to mess around with it more and try to find the problem(s).

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That's probably why it was on Ebay — it pays better than feeding your garbage to a compactor, and you feel environmentally greener as well.

Check your PM's.
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