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I can see everyone is getting worked up over the chipped ink cartridges but there is a way to fool the things....you need a new set of cartridges.....some small rubber seals to pass a needle thru......some glue and some paper towels. The whole problem has been that the machine reads the number of times something does something with the cartrides so the solution is to let the printer think the cartridge is never changed....this is for light home users who don't want to mess with CIS systems.....you drill a small hole in the top of the cartridges where you normally insert the needle....make it only as big as the needle....any bigger and air becomes a problem......using a good expoy glue, quickly mount the small rubber seals over the drilled holes and let them set for the night. Now install the new cartridges into the printer and do the setup thing for new catridges.Now all you have to do is keep in mind that you need to refill the ink at various times before the sensor reads the level and triggers the fill alarm message and this is done by simply leaving the cartridge in the machine and slipping the refill needle through the rubber seal and filling the cartridge.....it will take a try or two to get the hang but the seal prevents spill over and the pressure never changes so the ink can't overflow. To make sure this doesn't happen, insert an empty needle into the cartridge to "catch some air" in the cartridge and back the needle off slightly. When you withdraw the needle the rubber seal closes and there will be a negative pressure in the cartridge which stops the flow at the nozzle. Then slowly inject the needle with the new ink and gently refill the cartridge....you can actually shine a light to the side and see the fill level on my printer. When full, pull the needle out, the rubber seal close up tight again and voila...no more ink problems. My room mate and I have been running a Canon Pixma 3300 for two years now with no error message or problems. If you do activate the refill message......don't take the cartridge out just refill it in the machine. I hope this works for you....we have 8 printers in the residence running fine using this method.
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I am very surprised that no one had commentd on this as yet. I don't have one of these type printers as but probably will in the near future. I will be fileing this tip away with other printer tips to use in the future. It certainly is a simple modification and not that hard to implement and refill the cartridges. Thanks for the tip and I hope that it keeps working.


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