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Having recently gone through the ink tank unrecognized error, I'm wondering if there's a way to fool the printer into thinking that the cartridges haven't been removed from the printer.

I recently took out a cartridge and put it back in after refilling and the dreaded ink tanks not recognized came up.

My guess is there is a sensor that detects the ink levels in the cartridge either empty or full.

(I removed the cartridges with the printer off)

So on reinsertion the printer detected that a cartridge had been removed and decided to let me pay the price by giving the ink tanks error message.

So, led me to thinking, how did it know that a cart had been removed?

The only thing that springs to mind is the ink level in the resevoir. Doesn't it shine an led up through the bottom to detect ink levels?

Before cartridge removal, resevoir was empty, after it was full, so it detected a change.

I know some people are getting away with refilling by not removing their cartridges and not letting them go empty.

This makes sense as people are running CIS with Canons and not running into problems.

So what if I blacked out the area with a black magic marker where the LED shines into, to constantly show the cart is full.

This is all speculation, but this damn printer has caught me twice removing cartridges and refilling.

I've refilled them in place with no apparent problems, maybe I just got lucky?

I'm not impressed with Canon, they seem to have taken extra thought into making sure they could monopolize the sale of ink.

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