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I need to ask for some help please... My setup is XP, Elements 6.0, Canon MP530, Canon SD600 camera.

This printer is relatively new. When I printed some pictures they tend to have a brown cast and really do not match the colors (I know the brightness won't match) of the LCD.

I have cleaned the print heads, checked the nozzles, and even created a color chart with elements showing the basics C, Y, M, black, blue green. The color chart is way off.

Is there something that I am not doing correctly? (Obviously) Also perhaps there is some material that someone can point me to that I can read to decipher and better understand the connection between camera, picture, SW, driver, OS, and printer.

Many thanks.
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I am still learning and improving on my print matching, and over the past couple of years run a completely color managed system, from my monitors to each paper I put through my Epson R1800 & Canon iPF5000. So I too was a bit disappointed with the 1st prints our of my MP530, as they were a bit flat. (I use this in my home office and my family loves how it seems to do everything with such little effort)

Some thoughts:
With having done cleanings and nozzle checks you have eliminated at least the fact that the printer might be missing one color.

Have you calibrated your monitor, (either with a hardware device such as Eye1 or Spyder, or through your OS's color management? If not, you will be lucky indeed to have your photo's mach what is on screen. This is the first essential step in color management for photography.

Now as to your color charts being off, within the printer driver there are controls for color management. (I am not familiar with XP as I use Mac OS 10) Within that driver you should be able to see what settings are set for color handling in relationship to the paper you are printing on. Each paper is very different as to how it holds and displays inks. You need to have the correct media type selected and having done that, if the colors are still off, you will probably have to get some profiles for your printer/paper combination. The first 4x6 I printed (on the glossy that came with the printer) also was a bit flat. I found some info on line and figured out which icc paper profile (provided by canon in the installation process) to use with the paper and the next print turned out much better. Sometimes you can just make adjustments within the printer driver to bring things to a satisfactory point, but profiles, even canned ones, really narrow down the variance for any printer/paper combination.

Good luck in solving your conundrum in getting your very able MP530 to print what you expect.
Hope this helps in some way.


If not satisfied with above remarks, please feel free to claim full refund.
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Thank you so much paxx. I am now trying a new (refurbished) printer. I also have a notebook and there ain't much you can do with the LCD.

Thanks for taking the time to reply and I will check out what you suggested.
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