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Sometimes the Canon printers which use PG-5BK/CL-8 colour cartridges with chips will give error mesaages like 6502 or other types of error meaasge to do with the cartridges, which has the orange light flashing and the printer will not work. Follow this procedure which quite often resets the printer and allows it to resume printing.

When error is indicated, turn power switch off so green light is extinguished.

First hold down resume button and then hold down power button so both are held down at same time

When green light comes on, continue holding down power button and let resume button go, then press resume button twice. Then let power button go.

Then press resume button four times, power button should be releasedbefore doing this.

Wait until printer settles down, if power is off, turn on. If power will not come on, remove power cord from back of printer, then wait 15 seconds before plugging back in again and turn power on. This normally solves the error problem - if not go through same procedure again.

Incidentally, you may find that if the chips had previously been disabled,the low ink warnings are showing againand they will have to be disabled once more. This would indicate that the above procedure clears the firmware memory of the disabling of the chips, this may be usefull if you need some warranty work done on you printer after the chips had been disabled. Canon does warn that disabling the chips may result in the printer's warranty being voided
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The error 6502 is a "Ink tank position sensor error" and the remedy that you offer is waste tank reset.

I don't think that will solve a true problem of "Ink Tank Position Sensor Error"
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Every time I have experienced 6502 error, the above procedure clears it, plus some of the other errors indicating cartridge not recognized or replace cartridge with light out, although this may not work sometimes. If a cartrtidge does not flash when lifted out and repaced in printhead, this definitely means chip is U/S. Sometimes printer says replace cartridge with light out when all the cartridges light, in this case the cartridges have to be replaced one by one to determine the faulty cartridge
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I've had this error a couple of times and each and every time I hit it was because I had the cover open and a powerful light shining in on the sensor confusing the heck out of it.

Remove light, shade sensor, or just clean it and it seems to resolve the problem for me... Not tried the other suggestion but then, never needed to in 10+ printers.
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yep - after hours of messing about, turning off the spotlight worked!
Can't see to fix the other problem but at least now I know the printer isn't dead

websnail u r a genius
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