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Anyone use one of these? I hear from some folks it is a very good printer as well as a good bargain. ????


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Hi Dawg,

I am looking at this printer for myself. I have not seen any returns on any of the Kodak Printers yet.

I am also looking at the new one that was just announced, ESP 3

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I have had a Kodak 5100, and a 5300. I would never, ever recommend these to anyone. My first 5100 was good for about 3 prints, then it just died and wouldn't even POST. Kodak worked with me over the phone and sent me new firmware, printheads, ink, over and over. It never worked more than a few prints. FInally, they sent me an entire new printer and took the old one back. This one would print good for a while, but ate ink like it was going out of style. I asked Kodak abouyt that, since I was getting the 135 pack paper and ink combo and was only able to print 40 -50 photos before ink ran out. They said that was correct - the ink usage claims are at DRAFT mode only!!! After about 3 ink tanks (150 pics max) the thing stopped printing color, then black turned to clear. I contacted them again and got a new print head and ink sent and they didn't work. I worked with them for another month before I ditched it on got a Lexmark from Newegg.
My dad got a 5300 and he had a similar story. Head died after first tank, they sent a new one. It works but eats ink fast. So far he's put in three print heads. This is all since last May.
The picture quality really wasn't that remarkable, either. The ink was not waterproof even days later (I dripped sweat on a photo and it looked like a Rorshak test).
I would look elsewhere, my friend - the Kodak is a nightmare.
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Hey Big Dawg,

Missed the forum while on another assignment. But am back and around now.

The three printers are great and will do an excellent job for you BD, and, the ink is amazingly low. I work here and am not sure how they do it. It is a good deal.

Actually, they used some pretty extensive research and technology for a few years to come up with the way the ink is created, packaged, and delivered. The result is an amazing print for very little money. And, since the ink is pigmented, it is dry immediately so you can handel with ease right away. Should last as long I will (probably more).

Anyway, if you have any questions about the printer if you have an interest, let me know, I will do my best to help.

Talk to you soon,

Ron Baird
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