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I hope someone can help!!!

I was installing a cis kit and as the carriage was performing its sweep the tubes got caught on it, I know how foolish I was not to check for snagging, and now, even though the carriage moves freely, whenever I switch on the printer the LCD tells me there is a system error and to switch off by holding down the 'off' and another button for 7 seconds. I found a free download of the service manual and a programme for service engineers but I really cannot follow it. If someone has a 'plain English' solution I would be soooo grateful.


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That depends on what got damaged when the carriage jammed on the tube.

First thing to try is to completely isolate the orinter for a few minutes (disconnect power and data lines) which ought to allow any overload to reset (in the 200/300's, the carriage motor has an overload release that's fairly sensitive — if it has thrown and failed to reset you'll get an error message, also there will be no power to the motor and the carriage won't move other than by hand.)

Also make sure that any cables and other parts (sensors, for instance) in the affected area are firmly attached and haven't pulled loose or been damaged.

It's also possible that the jam has thrown the timing out — if so you'll need either to understand the manual or seek the hands-on help of some-one who does.
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