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Ok, after all the searching, I got the Epson 1400 yesterday.
Tried to install printer today and have a problem. After doing all that was stipulated, and ink cartridges installed, printer says problem with one cartridge (photo magenta) that it was out of ink. Can't be, it's a new cartridge. Did as the screen instructions said and tried to reinstall cartridge again. When pushing the ink button on the printer, with the main lid up, the cartridge bank moves completely to the left side of the printer and fully back to the right side. It does not stop somewhere in the middle and indicate which cartridge has to be replaced, as the manual states it should. When I took the cartridge out, I gently shook it and there is definitely a lot of ink in it.
Tried to do a printer test print, per manual, and nothing happens except a sheet of paper passes through the printer, but nothing is printed on it. Supposed to print printer firmware, nozzel test pattern, etc. Nothing.
Manual says to make sure all packing tape is off and no foam sheets still in there. Checked and all is clean,that I can see.
What is wrong?

Thank you,

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If it's a new printer, take it up with Epson or the vendor — either the printer or the cartridge may be faulty.

So far as I know, neither are tested/checked off the production line, just boxed and sent out — it's cheaper to inconvenience a few customers than it is to test products before shipping.

You can try disconnecting at the wall, letting everything die and starting over, also try cleaning the cartridge chip contacts, but I doubt it will help.

I assume the printer went through the priming process when the carts were first installed?

If it didn't, that will explain why the paper comes out blank — the print heads have no ink in them.
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