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I have a 3 year old Epson Stylus Photo R800, and whilst the quality of the prints have been pretty good, it will now no longer feed paper correctly. It makes all the right noises, but then won't feed anything in - and if I give it a gentle push, the blank sheet just sails straight on through. All paper is affected - heavyweight, light weight, gloss, matte. Doesn't seem to matter whether there is a single sheet in the paper holder or a stack. I don't really want to throw it away - does anyone know a fix? Or perhaps, what to look for?
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I don't recall the exact terminology used by Epson, but there is a paper sensor which the printer uses to determine the position of the paper for starting the prints. If this is dirty, it could cause the problem you describe. It may be possible for you to clean it using canned air, or it may require a mild solvent, such as isopropyl alcohol. If these don't fix it, the sensor has likely gone bad, and you should return it to Epson for service.

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This can also be caused by a buildup of coating off the paper on the feed pickup roller and other parts, or by the pickup roller becoming glazed and no longer gripping the paper securely.

If it slips too much, the paper won't be in the expected position and will either not start at all or feed straight through.

If the roller is excessively worn replacement is about the only fix, but a good clean and possibly slightly roughening the friction surface might help.
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