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The light cyan jet, on my Epson R310, when a nozzle check is done, continues to print in only small bits whereas the other 5 jets work great. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can clear the jet? I am using a lot of ink continually head cleaning the printers.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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are or have you been using ink thats not epson??

only asking cos light cyan as been a problem with epsons i have had in the past.....i never usedepson ink due to cost.

guess thats the cost i paid for using cheap ink


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i have been using imitation inks.
But all the other jets are fine.
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This question is coming up so often nowadays that I really ought to have a boiler-plate reply.

Have you tried the Windex trick (a few drops of ammonia-based window cleaner on the parking pad, park the heads, leave overnight, then run a head clean and nozzle check)?

Remember not to run a number of contiguous head cleans — if about three don't fix the blockage, print something and then try again. Too many cleans without a break can damage heads and usually make no difference anyway.

You might also try a physical clean: With the same window cleaner moisten a strip of clean, lint-free cloth, lay it along the head path, move the heads over it, pick up the ends and move to and fro — this usually removes any surface ink buildup on the heads.

As a last resort, use a syringe to push cleaner through the offending head — be aware that too much pressure applied here can crack the ceramic head and write the printer off, so be gentle.

Once you're sure you have cleaner coming through the head, put the cartridge back in and again leave the solvent to do its work before using head cleans to take it away.

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2 basic advice:
1. use SPECIAL stuff to clean Epson heads and etc, not workaround cemicals - they simply don't work and/or can dammage your printer(in wrs ways)
2. drain a dity storage BEFORY any cleaning-manupulations w-printer.(undecover, near to power plug - is "bottleneck"(use screwdriver to open)

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