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Default Re: everything fads

Yes, partially that is why I keep buying newer and supposedely better printers.
And yes color film fades, but I have worked with b&w negs and glass plates from a long long time ago that still produce very good prints.

And yes that is correct you need to use a compatible paper for pigment prints, some papers coatings do not accept the pigments that is why it is safest to follow the manfacturers recommendations for paper use.

As for changing storage media, you have to have the original media it to change it.
I've had CD's become unreadabe, and HD that crashed and boxes of negatives that disapeared, all I have left of these are the cibachrome's and inkjet prints I made.
I am starting to consider a dvd writer to move my cd's to but .. dvd technology is changing quickly and the burners you can buy now are pretty well oboslete already.

I'm also kind of surprised that you can still buy CD readers how ancient is that technology.

It also depends on what your intended use is, my prints sell thorugh some gallery's and until the 2200 I would not consider trying to sell an inkjet print. Customers would not be too pleased if they bought something that faded in a year or two.

Originally Posted by PhotoMenace
even film fades, i hear the problem with the pigment inks is that not all paper will take them. As for changng storage media, printers will get better as time rolls on so why worry about printing on a printer today that will be put to shame tomorrow. Better to take the time and change media storage when it comes than spend big bucks on printer for it's Longevity claims.
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