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Default Epson 1280 or 2200?

Help! Should I get the Epson 1280 or 2200?

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They are both good printers. Between the two, I would go with the 2200. It is better and more up-to-date. The 2200 would work best with just about any paper or image that you would want to print.

What types of prints will you be making? What types of paper do you like to use? These would help steer me to the printer that I needed.

Have you looked at the Canon I9100? I have this printer, and it is great. The prints look like film. I know that people say Canon prints don't last as long as Epson's, but 10 - 25 years is good for me. I don't use the cheap papers either, as I have found that they don't give as good of results.

I did look at the 2200, but I read a lot of bad stories about it. People have had trouble with color matching, print matching, banding, and clogging. This can happen with any printer though, as you can read on this board.

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Default Re: Epson 1280 or 2200?

Well, owning both, I can say that the answer is -- it depends.

The 1280 will give you the best output (initially) of any Epson printer. It aslo gives you decent (but not archival nor industry leading) permanence. Glossy prints made on the 1280 will look much more like laboratory glossy prints than those made on the 2200. That is because the 2200 uses Pigment inks and the 1280 uses dye based inks. The dye based inks soak right into the paper coating and become a part of it (for all practical purposes). Most pigment inks stay right on the surface and you can seen them on top of a glossy coating. The Ultrachrome inks used in the 2200 are a breakthrough product that encapsulate the pigment in tiny little packets which are coated. The resulting coating is much closer to a dye based ink on a glossy paper than older technology. It still is not up to the quality of a dye based printer, though.

There are other issues with the 2200. The 1280 is pretty much plug-n-play. The 2200 needs a lot more knowledge on the part of the user (and in my case a lot more technology to implement the knowledge). I have given some details about this in another post in another current thread in this forum. You might take a look at that thread too.

One problem that you will have here is that those who have never used a pigment ink printer take the stories that they hear from people who are working through the learning curve as problems with the printer. They aren't really problems -- they are differences. The situation is similar to someone coming from a good point-n-shoot camera to a sophisticated professional digital camera. All of a sudden you need to know quite a lot just to get the same results that you got from the point-n-shoot camera -- much less to take advantage of what the pro-camera offers. These aren't shorcomings with the camera, they are shortcomings with the operator. If you aren't willing to take the time to learn about color management, including color profiling for every different paper that you want to use and getting your monitor suitably calibrated (which may require access to a colorimeter) then a pigment ink printer may not be for you.

In any event, I strongly recommend that you take the time to look into the differences between these types of printers carefully before making your choice, or, if you do not want to take that time buy the 1280 rather than the 2200. I still use mine for glossy prints!


Originally Posted by gary_hendricks
Help! Should I get the Epson 1280 or 2200?

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