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Default I960 or I900?

Can anyone make a good case for either of these please! While the 960 has speed, the 900 has the LCD & built-in slots for memory cards support. The reviews say quality is the same but is that true given the 900 has 1,536 nozzles (256 x 6 colors) and the 960 3,072 nozzles (512 x 6 colors). Even the 860 has 1,856 nozzles using the 5-cartridge system.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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I too would like to know the opinions of others regarding these 2 printers as well and for the same reason: difference in nozzle counts.

If anyone has a thought, I'm sure we'd both really appreciate it!

Thanks much,
~informative (but not in this case)
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This just in from a forum I posed the question to, the response:

The size of the nozzle relates to print
quality somewhat. Smaller nozzles give
more "real" looking prints (ie. ink dots
become nearly invisible.) 2 picoliters is
near the lower limit of the best of the
current models (and those just being released.)

The Epson R800 (announced but not yet
available) claims 1.5 picoliter drops.

The ability to render fine details is
mostly dictated by the resolution of the
printer and the technology being used
(eg., inkjet, dye-sub, laser, etc.)
But there's a lot of gamesmanship in
resolution specs. Different numbers
apply to different technologies.

Suffice to say, there's not much variation
in this particular regard between the best
photo inkjet printers from major brands.

The *number* of nozzles mostly just makes
the printer faster. And this is why most
Canon desktop printers are far faster than
their Epson or HP equivalents.
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Whoops, should have added this in also, as the poster responded to picoliter size when I mentioned the information below:

"Canon's nozzle system is engineered to eject a consistent,
prescribed-volume of ink droplets in sizes as small as 2 picoliters
in volume. With 3,072 nozzles, the i960 photo printer is capable of
firing up to 73.7 million 2-picoliter droplets per second.

The i900D houses a 1,536-nozzle print head that ejects prescribed-
volume ink droplets of 2 and 5 picoliters in volume for the cyan and
magenta standard and photo inks, with 5 picoliter droplets for black
and yellow inks."
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