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This one is completly new to me. I do a lot of printing as part of my work and so the functionality of my A3 printers is paramount. I was devastated when my canon i9950 gave up the ghost (the prints weren't coming out right at all), so then when I tried my IX4000 as a backup solution, that was doing strange banding and ruining all my prints. I immediately ordered new printheads for both (I'd spent many hours purging, cleaning and using isopropanol alcohol on the existing printheads) and they were very late to arrive, so in my desperation I had to order a new A3 canon printer in the mean time (another IX4000 as a backup).

When I plugged in the new printer, and started printing with the new printhead and canon ink cartridges, I couldn't believe it when the same banding problem appeared. I went through the usual of cleaning and purging, but it wouldn't resolve the problem.

Depressed about how much money I'd thrown at it (the new printheads proved useless too), I called my girlfriend at work, and she said why don't you try printing from the laptop instead. I thought I'd humour her and try it as she has no technical knowledge, but was convinced it was a printer issue. I'll be damned if it wasn't my computer causing the banding! I can't explain it - the only thing that comes to mind, is the computer is getting a little full (in terms of hard-drive usage) and occasionally suffers from resource problems (mainly because I open too many resourceful applications and print from fairly large files)... Whilst occasionally the printer may slow down or pause for a few seconds, it's never caused quality problems with the end result in around 2 years of use. However, it is effecting my A3 printing (not the A4 though). I've swapped between them running tests, and it's most definitely the computer and not the printer at fault.
I'm not an expert but I guess the printer doesn't have enough memory of it's own and the computer isn't able to do the rest, or alternatively perhaps not all the data is getting through, which has resulted in consistent banding every 4 or 5cm down the page?

Has anyone heard of this before? I may have wasted the best part of 500 euros here.
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The situation you're describing seems to be related to the printer spooler.

Your computer uses a certain amount of hard drive space to store and translate your print job into a format that the printer understands and can print.

If that spool folder is heavily fragmented or the drive is chock full you'll find that spooler problems start to kick in. As a general rule the solution to this sort of problem is to:

- Defragment your hard drive
(check START > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragragmenter)

- Remove rubbish from your hard drive... (CCleaner is a useful utility for this)
- Upgrade your hard drive to something bigger.

There's no guarantee that was the sole problem, you could have a duff USB cable or other problems but the situation you mentioned sounds like the above could apply.
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Thanks for the feedback. I have about 12 gig left on a 200gig hard-drive, which might be an issue. It's all defragged though, and tried the same USB cable from both computer and laptop, so I'm able to rule out the cable.

I actually need to buy a new computer anyway (more expense!), as the one I have was built on quite a cheap budget and I think it's slowly on it ways out. For about 3 months, whenever I shutdown windows, the whole computer would go dead and I'd have to bang it to get it to restart again! lol. I'd poked around inside, and there's nothing lose - the old bang method is the only thing that would ever kickstart it!
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Do both computers have the same print settings? ie paper type, print quality etc.
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