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Hi all......I am in need of some help with the above setup.....I have been quite happily running a CISS with my R300 for well over a year now but this morning it decided to give up printing the cyan colour for no apparent reason.....well my OH took this as an opertunity to do a much needed overhall, yes he took the printer apart with the help of the downloaded manual, and taking over my kitchen table:lol:......he went through all the notions of unscrewing and cleaning etc, he even fitted the mod for the ink tank that "idle" put on this forum many moons ago.....he put the printer all back together with no screws over :-).......when we started to print again the cyan still wouldnt work........it took OH nearly all day to work on this and the rest of the day was spent on trying in vain to get the cyan to work.....all other colours are fine......it seems to have air in the tube of the cyan but when printing it doesnt move at all so doesnt push the air out......it seems that this colour may not have been printing for a little while because all the other colours needed refilling but this one was still 3/4 full although I never noticed untill this morning any print issues with colour distortion

Please if you can will you help us as I think if another day is spent on the problem it will result in my beloved printer being thrown through the window......he now has it all apart on my table once more

He is good at taking things apart as its his job so he isnt worried about dismantling machinery.....I just dont look when he does it :-)

Is it the printer or the CISS at fault?......we have done a "forceful" print head cleaning to no avail.....we have filled all bottles of ink and made sure everything is clean on the CISS and we have run some ink through the system by gently pushing the spring valve on the CISS on the colour in question and that seemed to work ok so it doesnt seem to be an issue with the colour not getting through to the printer......we are stumped at what to try next so any help would be appreciated

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If you're lucky, the problem will be no more than an air bubble between cartridge and head or dried ink in the nozzles.

Make sure the cartridge is full by pulling ink through it with a syringe until no more air bubbles appear, then do a head clean or two and test.

If still no joy, put a few drops of an ammonia-based glass cleaner on the colour parking pad (don't flood it), park the heads and leave overnight.

As a last resort you might also run the same cleaner through the offending head — again leaving it penetrate for some hours.

It's permissible to force cleaning fluid through from the cartridge side, but be careful not to over pressurise the head, it's ceramic and easily cracked.

You can also physically clean the underside of the heads with the same solvent on a clean lint-free cloth.

If none of the above do any good you might have a failed head.
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