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Having problems with my new Epson R1400.

Calibrated my monitor:

coppied photo from camera to computer so that i had the same image on both.

Compared the image on the camera to the same image viewed on the computer in:

Nikon NX 1

Nikon NX 2

Adobe PS Elements 7

The comparison was a very good match in all 3. I would say 95% +

When I print with the Epson I see red: tried every combination of color mgmt. I could find, still the same.

Not bad prints but I'm seeing Kodachrome and I want Ectachrome (for those who still remember film)

Da Bird

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have you checked you have the icc profiles for the printer / paper type installed
and maybe check the image files have an embedded profile
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Thanks for answering. I got paper profiles from Red River Paper ( great customer serviceand great paper ) for their papers and I recalibrated my laptop for 6500k. The real kicker is the color temp of the light by which I'm viewing my prints. I use a quartz lamp of about 3400k and it imparts a red cast to my prints; when viewed in day light the red goes away. Since I print a lot at night I've been checking my prints with an led flashlight ( strong blueish light, don't know color temp) and I get a better feeling of the actual color, not perfect but good enough. I may get a daylight desk lamp.

Thanks again

Da Bird

PS: I like the Epson 1400 very much.
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