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Default i9100 or hp 9650


New poster here, but just read a ton of the informative posts here. If price was no concern, would the hp 9650 or the i9100 be a better deal. Here is how I use my printer (currently an i850):

1. some b/w photos, but mostly color
2. speed is not really important, nice but not required
3. ink costs and or ability to refill cartridges (i know lot of you say only use oem ink in oem containers), but I do refill my i850 and in side by sides, I can't tell the difference. I do use a good ink though!
4. longevity is not really an issue for me, as I can print more later, probably with better technology in 5 years or 3 years or ....
5. i use a canon s400 4 mp camera at highest resolution...will this be good enough to print 13 x 19 pics on these printers.
6. I have an i850 to do everyday printing, so it does not need to be able to handle this type of work.

keep in mind, i have read all steve has written about them and as much as i could find at other review places, even reading reviews at amazon.com, newegg.com, etc. This is a high dollar purchase (for me) and I want to get it right. maybe i should look at epson too...or is something even better coming down the pipe?

your thoughts and experienes are appreciated.

tim g
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As a present owner of the I9100, I would reccomend it. It is a great printer. It does have its advantages and disadvantages.

Against the HP, the Canon has individual ink tanks, HP doesn't. The Canon can print borderless in all sizes, HP can't print borderless at 13x19. The Canon is much faster at printing. The HP prints will last much longer, as Canons will fade over time.

You camera should make good prints up to 13x19, with some signs that it is pushing it. Your camera will make much better prints at 11x17.

Both printers will do a good job and cover what you want. I have not seen any prints off of the HP yet, but I have seen prints from a 7550, I think they have the same engine. So, you should get good images from it.

I have read a rumor that the I9100 will be getting replaced soon, with one that does 4800x2400. But this is a rumor, and am not sure.

Epson makes a good printer in the 2200, but it is more expensive and can be harder to setup. The prints will last a long time from this setup too.

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I think you'd be happy with either, althought the Canon is certainly faster, does borderless 13x19 and you can refill the individual tanks far easier. I am not sure if this model has the "killer chips" that track ink cartridges being refilled but that is something to keep in mind. Also with the HP, the heads on those cartridges are realistically meant to take only a few sets of ink...I have seen them fail before and that can cause big messes or wasted paper.

As with the rumor, the i9100 is still pretty new (only 3 months old) and I have not heard anything coming down the pipe for a good while. They seem to be very happy with the i9100's performance in market so I don't see them changing it soon. What would be interesting is having a supplemental model that could bring the i9100's price down and the new one occupy a space closer to the Epson 2200. Who knows though...these companies do some crazy stuff to gain market share.
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