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Default Please help me decide! i860, i960, Epson r300

Well, I was about 90% sure about getting the i860, when the sales man told me about the epson r300 (which I hadn't heard anything about until he said something).

So, I went and looked up the r300, and I havn't found a single bad review! However, there also aren't many reviews... so Im assuming its a new model?

I would like to know what to get!!! The i860 seems to have really good photo print, and lazer quality text, so Im leaning towards that printer over the i960. I really like the i860's extra black ink cart dedicated to text. The i960 seems to be photo ONLY, and I dont think Im going to get a photo ONLY. I would like the printer to do text as well.


The epson is supposed to have longer lasting ink (both in post-print fading, and ink economy per print) The epson also has memory card inputs, and the ability to print on cds. And the photo prints are supposed to be almost as good as the i960! The only thing holding me back from getting the epson is its text quality... NO ONE HAS SAID ANYTHING!

Can anyone let me know what they think about these 3 printers?

i860 - excellent text, good photo, cheap.
r300 - lots of features, excellent photo, cheap, text????????
i960 - best photo for sub$200, poor text
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The R300 looks like a good printer and will finally give some competition to the i960.

Honestly, the printer you are looking for really depends on your use.

If you are doing more text than photos I would stick with the i860. I own it and love it. Neither the i960 or R300 have the large black text cartridge and neither are going to be even close to the ~3 cents per copy for black text like the i860. The i860 will run circles around the two of them in text print speed but it is not 6 colors and sometimes (although not all) you can tell a significant difference between a 6 and 4/5 color printer.

If your primary use is going to be photos and less text, the i960 and R300 are going to be your best bets. I have seen prints from both and they are very interesting to say the least. The i960's color accuracy is impeccable and the detail is sharp with absolutely no grain. Its also very, very, very fast. On the other hand, the R300 has more features with the card reader (realistically, with printers this high end though wouldn't you print from your PC anyway?). With print quality, the R300 is very weird. I have a picture taken of me at night in front of the golden gate bridge. My face has a brownish tint to it on the R300 and around me there is detail that the Canon printer AND THE ORIGINAL IMAGE do not show. I have looked at the picture on several monitors (incl. ViewSonic PF790) and the area in the JPEG is black no matter how I manipulate it in Photoshop. On the R300 there was parts of the image. Color seemed unnatural and it was worrysome that nowhere else on any monitor could I actually see that data though. If you need clarification on what I mean I understand...I'm struggling how to explain it.

Basically between the i960 and R300 you could look at it this way - the R300 is brand new for Epson with individual inks in a widely available printer (960 is hard to find at retail), this supposed new formulation of dye and a completely new print engine. The i960's engine has been proven in variations since the S800 and you know EXACTLY what kind of prints you will get out of the i960, how fast you get them and how much it will cost.

Hopefully this was helpful in one way or another.
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