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Default Canon i960 printer - is 3rd party ink OK?

I recently bought a Canon i960 printer.

I noticed that there are many 3rd party sources for ink cartridges, which are considerably less expensive than the Canon cartridges for this printer.

Can you guys recommend (or not recommend) using 3rd party cartridges? Will the print quality remain the same if I buy non-Canon compatible ink cartridges?

Thanks for any input...
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There's some trade-offs to it:

Pro 3rd Party:
- Potentially save hundreds of $$ per year

- Not "guaranteed" excellent photos like Canon inks/paper since many 3rd party ink companies don't have a particular paper, although most still are geared for resin coated.
- May run into clogging problems (likely most common problem)

PCWorld has a good write-up on them:

Try a set out...if you have good results and they are a reputable company, keep at it. I've seen some people swear by them and others are happy to pay high cartidge prices because they know what results they will get.
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You can also do as I did recently. Best Buy has a deal going on right now, that if you buy 2 Canon ink cartriges you get a 120 pack of 4x6 Canon Photo Paper free. I got all 6 cartriges and $75.00 worth the paper for free. Makes the cartriges seem more reasonablly priced for sure.
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For some maybe (paper/ink deal) but personally I think Canon paper is crap. I've seen gas fading on Canon paper in just 3 weeks where there was barely a noticeable shift on Epson Premium Glossy (both printed on my i960 with OEM ink). I can't control how someone will choose to display a print I give them but I can control how long it will last by choosing a better paper.

As for the 3rd party ink causing problems, probably likely but from what I've seen thus far in other forums and polls taken I think the clogging issue can be resolved with a little routine maintenance on the user's part.

The only real issue I have with 3rd party inks is fade resistance. I'm concerned enough about that to pay for Canon ink.

All of the other issues can be dealt with. You can surely find a paper/ink combination that gives you results that you want and then you can have that paper/ink combination profiled for a reasonable fee to get excellent results. There are a number of different places to have a profile generated, www.cathysprofiles.com comes to mind. Cathy is known for her professionalism and excellent profile results.
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Hi Blue Orbit,
I have had a Canon i950 for 1 year now, and with the exception of using the included original Canon ink set, have since used Inkjet Goodies inks exclusively. I have had no clogging problems at all and have been VERY pleased with the photo print quality. I have also been using Office Depot's Premium High Gloss Photo Paper with great results. I am including a link to the Inkjet Goodies web site (look under refilling supplies) and another link to a post re: testing of Inkjet Goodies inks vs. Canon's from the dpreview.com's Printers and Printing forum. I learned about Inkjet Goodies from this forum, where MANY posters are users of the IJG inks. Curt
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