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[size=4]If you look at some review only, the Epson stylus 2200 look like the GOOD of printers! Canon 900 and 9000 are also well spoken of. I went in a computer store and the salesman told me that they is nothing better than HP for photo printing! So, at this point, I'm so mixe up, I really do not know what to choose, please help me, someone. I've read so many review, my eyes croses over (sorry for the english I'm french)

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i currently own a epson 1270. i have been extremely happy with it. i am currently awaitng the arrival of my new epson 2200. the hp never entered into the equation. there they are playing catch up to the epson in my opinion. their photo printers are based on 4 colors. the epson is 6 colors. in the case of the 2200 a 7th is added for B/W work. the canon 9000 is a top performer too. my view is hp has not taken photo printing seriously yet.

you have to ask yourself what sort of printing you are going to do?
sizes? will you do above 8x10
longevity? do you need 75 year lifespan on the prints and are you willing to pay for it? i have 3 year old prints under glass that look like they were just printed last week.
its cost vs productivity/longevity
so far the average cost i found for the 2200 ink was $9.50 US per cart x 6 + the opt blk

i can say this- salespeople do just that, sell. photographers buy, shoot, and then they print.
i see a lot of epsons out there though i am starting to see one or two canons about. i am wondering about print longevity with the canon product?

have i confused you now?
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I assume that your primary requirement is for printing photographs and text printing will be very much secondary.

(These comments do not refer to HP professional printers of which I have no knowledge.)

Until very recently HP could not compete with Epson and Canon for photo printing in the consumer/semi-professional market. HP generally produced text printers that could also print photos. Canon and Epson produced specialist photo printers that could also produce text. Although many HP users were very happy with the quality of their photo output, no serious photographer would even consider an HP.

In the last month HP have launched a new range of photo printers, the 5550/7150/7350/7550. Initial comments on these suggest that the quality may be up to Epson/Cannon standards, but these are early days.

My recommendation is that if you want the best quality inkjet printers, you limit yourself to the following:

Canon S900/Epson 960 if you only want to print up to 10x8.

Canon S9000/Epson 2200 if you want to be able to print larger sizes.

Pros and cons
Canon S900/S9000: much faster, pickier about what paper you use, some doubts about the life of the print head and about print longevity.

Epson 960: probably the best print quality (but you may not be able to see the difference), wide range of papers, some doubts about nozzle clogging with Epsons, new and untried.

Epson 2200: this is a different type of printer to the other 3 because it uses pigment inks instead of dye based inks to give greater print longevity. Print quality will not be as good as the other three in all circumstances (e.g. on glossy paper)because of the differences between the inks, but initial impressions are very favourable. Limited range of papers, slow, new and untried.

All four of these printers produce extremely high quality photo prints. If print longevity is your main criteria, go for the Epson 2200. If speed is your main criteria, go for one of the Canons. If ultimate print quality is your criteria, go for the Epson 960.

I am sure that you will be delighted with any of these printers.

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While I agree with everyone here, and I have several Epsons as well as the HP Photosmart (My Canon 5-color ink is to old to count). The Epsons (and Canon) do put out better color print as well as bordeless, but it term of cost/print(it even pulls the paper back in to print double sided), the Photosmart beats them all for a relative small sacrifice in quality (even @ 3 color ink). Ask the store for the sample pictures on all three !!!

With the HP78 high capacity color cartridge @ $49.99, and 100 Epson 8x10 photo paper, $19.99 also at Costo. Each print work out to be around 60 cent/8x10 (ie 1 single cartridge can do over 120 8x10). I don't have the data for the latest Canon though since Costco don't carry their single color cartridge yet!

So for casual printing or proof use the HP, and save the wall hangers for the Canons and Epsons... (Ink is what get you in the end...)

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