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Default Grainy photos on Canon S520

I bought a Canon S520 several months ago solely because the Canon rep at the store told me it was a "photo-quality" printer. There was even a sample of a
nice sunny beach photo that looked just like it came from regular film. However, my experience with this printer has been much different. I'm printing 4x6 photos taken on a digital camera at 1600x1200 resolution with (as far as I
can tell) no compression. After printing them on Canon Photo Paper Pro paper,
they look pretty good except that they are still quite grainy and definitely do
not look anywhere near as good as printed photos you'd get from film. Did I get duped when I bought this printer? I tried looking it up on Steve's Digicam web
site but it's not even listed, leading me to speculate that he didn't bother
with it because it's not even a photo quality printer to begin with.
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I do not have a Canon S520, I have an S820. However, I have looked up comments on the S520 elsewhere and the opinion of other owners seems to be that it can print pretty good photos.

The S520 isn't a photo printer. It is a general purpose 4 colour printer and therefore will not give as good photo print quality as a dedicated 6 colour photo printer like the S8x/S9x series. It is just possible that your expectations are too high (and you may have very good short range eyesight to see the dots). However, I think it is much more likely that there is something wrong with your settings. The most likely is that you haven't told the printer which paper you are using. If it thinks it is printing on plain paper it will reduce the print resolution.

What program are you printing from? Go into the printer driver (accessed via Print/Printer Properties) and set the paper type to Photo Printer Pro.

If that doesn't work check the other driver settings - there may be one for photo printing. If nothing works, come back with more details of your settings and the printing software that you are using.

Best of luck and forgive me if you have tried all this already.

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Thats very consistent with the printer. You will see the Dots on it since they are 7 picoliters on the color and 9 on the black. The other part is that it only does 600dpi on the black. With these kinda droplet specs its not going to be producing incredible photos. Check out the Epson 820 for a photo printer. Use your canon for text.
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