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Default BW Photos

I have read many articles touting the HP7960 and its ability to print excellent BW photos, how does the Canon I900D measeure against this HP? Also, are there any other photo printers that rival the HP7960 for BW quality?

Thanks for your time?

FWIW - I appreciate the great posts here.
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I'm interested in this also. I have an Epson Photo 820 and I want to upgrade the Canon i960 or Epson r300. My wife would like something that prints out good black and white photos, all I see for B/W is the HP 7960 which I figure will cost about 1.7 million dollars to rpelace all 4 cartridges.

Any input would be great.

Dave Porter
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Default I bought 7960 as a gift for my Father and...

we set it up and the printer is amazing. BUt it may be going back. There are these "star wheel" type track markings on the photos. For a $299.00 printer you would think stuff like this would be resolved. I checked the HP support site and I'm using the photo paper sited in the Solution to the issue. Below is the text from the HP site.

Pictures printed on photo paper on the HP Photosmart 7660, 7760, and 7960 printers may exhibit track markings. These markings appear as dots in a straight line. These printers use special wheels, called "star wheels," to pull the paper through the printer while printing to the edge of the page. These star wheels may cause marks noticeable under some conditions.


NOTE: The issue will not be resolved by servicing the printer.
Use swellable media such as HP Premium Plus Photo Paper, rather than porous media like HP Everyday Photo Paper, to reduce or eliminate the marks from the star wheels. In addition, allow the paper enough time to dry thoroughly after printing.

Does anyone have a lead on a high quality B&W photo printer?
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Default Upon further review...

Recap - I set the printer up quickly Xmas Eve and fired off a few pics. The B&W and Color prints were outstanding. However, there were "star wheel" marks on the paper.

Remedy - Fresh premium plus paper. I also got excellent results with Canon Satin paper. The star wheel marks are gone. So, it appears that the faster drying papers will work best.

This printer is nothing short of remarkable when printing B&W photos and color prints are true.
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