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Default Canon i900D or HP 7960?

Have been keeping my Nikon 5700 quite bust taking photos of our first grandchild.My wife has asked that I purchase a second photo printer that will easily allow her to print out photos from the CF card .

I have narrowed my choices to the Canon i900D and the HP 7960. Editorial reviews are great for both models. The forums though raise a number of issues. For the HP the roller marks , poor build and the high operating costs. The Canon seems to suffer from print fading issues. As my wife will be mostly handing out the photos to family and friends this is the biggest concern.

I have noted recommendations to not use the Canon papers and instead the Ilford Classic Pearl seems to be the paper of choice.What I have not seen is any discussion on using a third party archival ink instead of the Canon inks. Any recommendations on this option?

Finally from owners of each printer which printer would be easier for my wife to use?
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Default check this out

i've gone through a similar decision making process recently... i went with the 7960. the build quality is excellent, output is second to none (i went with a memory card to try out hp, canon, epson). The cost of the ink cartridges is more than canon or epson, but keep in mind that you get a new print head each time you change the cartridge (its built onto the ink cart.) The stops problems with clogging or streaking or head replacement service over the long term, and if cost is really that much of an issue for you, refill the cartridge.... you won;t have to worry about cloggin with third part inks since you can replace the heads as easiliy as replacing the ink cartridge.

check out this review, it gives a lot of details that would take me forever to write for you... i was very happy with the purchase.


good luck!
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what printer do you get the new print heads in?
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I researched a lot of photo inkjet printers and finally decided on the HP7960. I have not been disappointed. The color prints are fantastic. I shoot with an Olympus C4040Z. The wheel tracker marks are a problem if you use inferior or off brand paper. I have used only HP Premium Plus photo paper for years and the results are excellent. I'm not going to lie to you, the marks are a problem but using good paper solves it. The build on this printer is top notch. The cost of consumable should not be a factor if you want to print good quality pictures at home. If paper or ink cost are an issue take your digital pictures to Walmart or your local drugstore. They can print you 4X6 photos cheaper than you can print them at home. In our neck of the woods they do it for .29 per print. The HP7960 is a first rate color and black and white printer
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I would stay away from the HP printer because of the print marks. Only HP Premium Plus Glossy photo paper gives excellent print quality. Even HP Premium Photo paper (not plus) shows the exit marks. I'm not always looking for the absolute best paper to print every day prints. Sometimes I like to just print a few snapshots to most on my wall at work for a few weeks. I believe thats why HP has there lower quality thinner paper, but alas you can't use this with the 7960.
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Default choices

I too would stear clear from the HP.

Main reasons why:

1) Star wheel marks (always want those in my photographs)

2) Cost of consumables is very high

3) Why pay an extra $100.00 (compared to i960 or R300) for an LCD and card readers? I assume most folks use their software to print from (better quality anyway vs card reader on printer).
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I agree with Mahem. Go with the Canon i960 and get a card reader for $20. Or one that fits in a bay that reads all formats for $30.

The I960 has better print quality than either you are considering. Canon reformulated their inks about 3 years ago with much stronger dyes. They went from dead last to best in ink cost. Every review Iíve read says the better Canon printers have about half the ink cost of HP. And the Canon cartridges are easier to refill than HP. Also, Canon measures the ink in the cartridge rather than just keep track of how much you used to estimate ink levels. So if you refill you keep an accurate ink level.

Once you realize how much it is going to cost if you use factory ink and good paper to print photos I doubt you will print directly from the card. You can edit, crop and tweak them much better in the computer.
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