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Default Cheap roll paper printer

The Epson 825 is selling for about $100US and looks like it will do the jobs I am want: light printing duty without a need for very high quality that can print panoramas. If I am interested in high quality, I will order one from a commerical printer.

Any comments on that printer or any others that would be better at about the same price?
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I was just reading an article about this problem as I would like to be able to print panoramas, and why not print in good quality? Anyway, the article correctly points out that while printers are always limited in width of the paper they are not limited in length. So you can cut a piece off a roll to the length that you want and adjust the printer settings for that custom size, then feed it through the printer. This means ANY inkjet printer should be able to handle panoramas.

Which brings me to my problem - as far as I can tell there is only the Epson paper roll out there :-( Anyone know of a roll that is suitable for use with a Canon printer?
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While the printer may not have physical limitations on paper length, the print driver that sits between the print program and the printer may impose limitations on paper length. When you print on a Canon printer, can you configure the printer properties for pages of arbitrary length?
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Originally Posted by kenww
the print driver ...may impose limitations on paper length.
I understand this is 44 inches for the Epsons with roll feed. There's a message about how to get around this limitation round here somewhere under 'Panoramas'.

I'm still waiting for my first roll of paper to arrive, having ordered it when I bought an end-of-line Epson 890 before Chrsitmas. I gather the supplier the lost the order.
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