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Default inkjets and dithering

alright, for me, the ONE thing that really bugs me about inkjet print quality is the DITHERING. you know, all those little dots that ruins a continuous tone print.

ive currently got a Epson C64 4-color printer and theres pretty strong dithering. im thikning about upgrading to a better, most likely a 6 or 7-colro printer. but i haven' seen any real-life prints so i don't know if the continuous color quality is any better.

i'm not so concerned about print speed as much as i am about the print quality. i'm also partial to epson... love the pigment-based inks. so does anyone know if the higher-end, 7-color epson's have any better color continuity and less noticeable dithering?

thanks a lot!
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First of all I assume you checked your print driver options and tried presets like photo.

Next dithering is a way to mix colors. At higher dpi those dots become less noticable. Printer dpi is actual nothing more than printer dpi, it has nothing to do with image size and or dpi. Photopaper will also help. Decent photoprinters have the ability to mix beyond visible. Even with a magnifier I cannot see any dots in my 1400 dpi prints on photopaper (Epson 1290 six inkts printer).
If I use 360 draft mode with the same printer the output is plain old mess for photos.
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Printing is not that simple. Without dithering you would only have three colors (well 5 if you have diluted inks too) Scan down about ¾ through this introduction I wrote some time ago, for the title “Printing.” http://faq.arstechnica.com/link.php?i=1754

Maybe you would like a dye sublimation printer?
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According to Epson and other sources inkjet delivers sharpest output...

I checked some 720 dpi prints of my Epson 1290 (us 1280) photo printer and even at that low dpi dithering is not immediatly visible. At 1440 dpi dithering is hardly visible if scanned at 600DPI and inspected at 1:1. Me says again, check reviews and buy a inkjet photo printer. Canon is also a good choice to consider.
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