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Default Another Question for Steve


I asked this question the other day taged onto the end of a 2 page thread. I figured it may have gotten lost in the longer thread, so reposting as a new question.

Thanks in advance for your reply.



Thanks for the R300M review. I had been waiting since before Christmas.

Your review - conclusion of the R300M didn't seem to be as enthusiastic as was your review - conclusion of the Canon i960.

I like the Cannon 2 picoliter -vs- the R300 3 picoliter feature. I also like the see thru ink cartridges. The only wish list for the Canon I would say for me (Still deciding which one to purchase by the way) is the ability to plug in a memory card directly, (and I don't know that I would even use that feature) and that most folks seem to think the color is not as vibrant as the R300. (But a lot of folks over adjust the color on their TV sets to levels of color that aren't natural or realistic).

Money set aside do you feel the i960 prints a better more realistic photo than the R300?

And are there any new printers comming out soon in the $200 - $250 price range that might be worth waiting for? I see the Canon i900D would give some of the missing features I am asking for but at half the number of printing nozzles.

My wife and I just purchased our 1st digital camera for Christmas a 5 megapixel Minolta G500. We have no photo printer at this time and I would like to purchase a photo printer that I will still be happy with several years from now. Looking for quality and reliablity as we don't have money to throw away but will spend on quality murchandise to meet our needs.

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First off, I don't hardly have the time to go through all of these forums, I only visit here occassionally so if you want me to see something in particular then you need to PM me with the URL to the topic.

I am still a Canon-lover until someone shows me something better or faster. The Epsons can handle a wider variety of media but I only print either matte or glossy so the Canon i9100 using Photo Paper Pro does it for me. I love it when someone asks just how fast the Canon is -- I then demonstrate the 4-minute borderless 13x19" speed and they're believers. And those 43-second 4x6" prints are pretty impressive too !

The R300M makes a gorgeous print, it just takes longer than the Canon. Another reason I like Canon over Epson is those darn "pump up" and cleaning cycles that Epsons just can't seem to live without. The Canon might do one of those if it's been left sitting idle for a week but Epson printers want to do one every couple of hours. Besides being annoying it also wastes a lot of ink.

The best bang for the buck in my opinion is the i860. I couldn't believe the quality of the photo prints using just three colors, it was incredibly close to the same thing out of my the 6-color i960. And the test and general graphics printing speed of the i860 is amazing, I've never seen a faster inkjet. Without the other two special "photo" inks the i860 is cheaper to operate and I guarantee that you'll be happy with its photo prints. I handed 4x6" and letter size borderless prints made on the i860 and i960 to a number of people and nobody could tell the difference without using an 8x loupe.

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