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Default Very grainy images from images from a HP 932

I'm having a problem that I never had before with my HP 932 printer and printing photos.
I have never changed the setting 2400x1200/PhotoREt before. Usually it is greyed out, but I guess with photo paper it allows you to choose either. I don't know what setting it was on since I never paid attention to it since I never touched it.
All of a sudden there is a problem printing images from my new Minilta 7hi camera. Before I got this I printed test images out from reviews on the web and all was fine. Now The same images along with my images look terrible. Very grainy as a 8bit image would look.
Mind you this ISN'T image noise I'm talking about!! This is a very course image.
I changed that setting (just to try it) and it seemed to work. Again I never touched that before and everything printed ok, but now it seems I have to change it when I print images.
I'm using the same paper and same settings on the printer with the same driver I have used for the last couple of years. Yea, I know things happen that change things within the O/S , but I'm confused about this one.

Any ideas?
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The printer has a default setting and most people don’t leave a general purpose printer like a HP932 in photo mode with photo paper selected. If you print that way to plain paper it looks terrible because the ink soaks the paper. And it takes forever to print a page of text.

If you set the printer properties in the printer folder in control panel that becomes your default setting. I leave mine on draft, grayscale and “black only” so it doesn’t use the color to print grayscale. I obviously don’t print photos that way.

If I want to print color or photos I have to go File>Print in the program I am printing from and change the settings in properties. The printer will hold those settings in that program until you close the program.
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I set the printer to draft mode and adjust the ink level to the lowest setting.
This works fine with 95% of what I print (non photos) saves ink also.
The selection od 2400x1200 vs PhotoREt seems to bne the issue here. I NEVER changed that or even experimanated with it. The other photos I have printed looked fine untill I tried to print photos from my 7hi. That's when the problem started. I assumed it was the camera, but realize it is the printer.
I don't know what setting it was on before (other than changing paper types). It's the PhotoREt setting that made the prints come out grainy!! The 2400x1200 is what improved the images!

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